Consistent with a general truth: the vast majority of heuristics are adaptive sometimes, if not often. That's why they exist.

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Yep. Honestly by the time I finished writing this I was less interested in the explanation for its normative profile than for the fact that it might help explain what's going on with representativeness, and WHY it's generally adaptive.


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“Since rationality is doing the best you can, given your (memory and other) limits, maybe it’s not irrational after all.”

Finally, an explicit theory (or mere definition?) of “rationality” that is not completely absurd, as most uses of “rational” and “irrational” are (as briefly explained here https://jclester.substack.com/p/rationality-a-libertarian-viewpoint and in more depth here https://jclester.substack.com/p/adversus-adversus-homo-economicus).

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